Basis of My Observations And Ideas: Church And Work Experiences

My observations are based upon my experiences in both churches and in the business world.  In various churches that I have attended and/or been a member of from California to Massachusetts to Florida, as well as some overseas, I have served as an usher; choir member; soloist; Sunday School teacher for adults; Discipleship Training Teacher for adults; director for a junior high boys program; college and career leader; finance committee member; yokefellow; church council member; and writer of a church Constitution.

In the business world, I have served as an employee in both the private and public sectors, which included drafting and analyzing legislative bills; analyzing budgets; handling workmen’s compensation; conducting cost analyses of public and private activities; and more.  I have also directed a non-profit organization; served as a successful district manager for a 20-office district; served as a management consultant to state and local government; analyzed labor-management problems for dozens of CEOs through surveys; developed church, health, business and community surveys; wrote and published books on politics; psychology; home-based businesses; personal finances; health; home maintenance; and internet marketing; and wrote over 40 business articles.  I have also served as a director of security for a major firm and engaged in residential and commercial remodeling from floors to roofs.

The views and ideas presented on this blog draw upon my experiences from both of the above arenas, as well as from my personal life, research and other reading.