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All who read this blog are welcome to write and comment on anything that is written.  All are welcome to suggest new articles and viewpoints.  It will be expected that, in matters of doctrine and the like, the Scriptural basis for comments will accompany the comments.

“Freebies” And Services For Pastors, Preachers, Deacons and Elders

Any who read my articles are granted permission to use any or all portions of anything that I write for their own use, if desired, and as long as such articles or portions of them are quoted accurately without modification.

Churches that are contemplating conducting surveys are welcome to send their proposed surveys to me for a quick overview and analysis of questions for validity.  Any churches that have recently conducted surveys and that are not completely satisfied with the survey results, are welcome to send me a copy of the survey for a quick overview and analysis.  I will respond to these as quickly as possible.