What You Will Find In This Blog

You will find articles on churches, pastors, preachers and church leadership personnel in general, as well as information on where to view business articles that have application to churches in various respects.  You will also find suggestions and recommendations from a layman’s perspective relative to a number of church programs, activities and other operations.  You will see considerations relative to church surveys that you have never seen anywhere. And, last but not least, you will find some “freebies” that you might be able to use.

Some articles will be general and generic, and primarily for informational purposes. Other articles will be hard-hitting, challenging and controversial. The articles will vary in length from a few paragraphs to several pages.  Articles to be presented include subject matter that covers the following, which is not an exhaustive list:

  •        Are you a pastor, preacher or teacher/
  •        Do you know how to move up?
  •        Are you secure in the pulpit?
  •        What’s important to you in the pulpit?
  •        Should you conduct a survey of your members?
  •        Can you conduct a good church member survey?
  •        Minimal criteria for church decision-making
  •        Choosing a pastor
  •        Conducting church and synagogue surveys
  •        Ways and places in which surveys can go bad
  •        Churches vs. government
  •        Church declines
  •        Cavalier sermons and cavalier Christians
  •        Church business meetings
  •        Missions motivations
  •        Church music
  •        Worldly inroads accepted and promoted by churches
  •        Reading and studying the Word
  •        Reflections on the Word
  •        Memorizing the Word
  •        Who runs the church in which you are the pastor?
  •        How to maintain the respect of your church members